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EDEN station name: 3A12
Location Area: Water Conservation Area 3A

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Station Information
EDEN Station Name: 3A12
Operating Agency: SFWMD
Latitude (DMS) NAD83: 26°10'09"
Longitude (DMS) NAD83: 80°40'32"
UTM Easting Zone 17N (meters NAD83): 532417.2
UTM Northing Zone 17N (meters NAD83): 2894468.1
Location Area: Water Conservation Area 3A
Real-time data (daily): Yes


Data Links
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Available parameters:
  • Water level
  • Evapotranspiration
  • Rainfall
  • Ground elevation
Other Database Links (Data on SFWMD DBHYDRO is in NGVD29)


Datum Information
Vertical Datum for Water Level Data: NAVD88
Vertical Conversion at Gage (ft) used by EDEN (NGVD29 to NAVD88): -1.46


Ground Elevation and Vegetation Information for 3A12
[How was this collected?]
Major Vegetation Community
Vegetation Community: Wet prairie
Average Ground Elevation (ft) NAVD88: 7.86
Maximumn Ground Elevation (ft) NAVD88: 8.02
Minimum Ground Elevation (ft) NAVD88: 7.76
Number of Measurements: 6
Collecting Agency and Date: USGS, August 2005
Secondary Vegetation Community
Vegetation Community: Ridge or sawgrass and emergent marsh
Average Ground Elevation (ft) NAVD88: 7.74
Maximumn Ground Elevation (ft) NAVD88: 7.85
Minimum Ground Elevation (ft) NAVD88: 7.60
Number of Measurements: 3
Collecting Agency and Date: USGS, August 2005


Other Information
Type of Station (Physical Location): Marsh
Type of Station (Freshwater/Tidal): Freshwater
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